Solution: How to access Homebrew Launcher + Loadiine without Gamepad, using wiimote+procontroller

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    Hi guys,

    I could not find a solution so I'm posting it here for others

    I bought a Wii U without gamepad after I found out about the gamepad simulator software "drc-sim". It is useful for getting your settings set and other things that require the gamepad, but a bit of a hassle for daily use. I was setting up my Wii U for Homebrew Launcher and Loadiine and I got tired of having to go through gamepad/drc-sim to start the internet browser and then run the website to get to the Homebrew Launcher menu.

    It turns out, you can get around the requirement for a gamepad to launch HBL from internet browser by just using a wiimote in parallel with a pro controller (maybe some of you already knew this, but it is not obvious to find in the different threads)

    You must have the website as a bookmark in your browser.

    You must connect your wiimote as primary and the pro controller as secondary.

    You can do this by changing the order in device settings. Or alternatively, if both are already paired to the WiiU but it is not on yet, first turn on your WiiU using the wiimote power button which will make it the primary, then use it on the main WiiU menu to start the internet browser. Then you can press any button on the pro controller to wake it up and connect it to the WiiU as secondary controller. Then when the curtains come, press X on the pro controller, and then you'll see the browser on your TV. Now use the wiimote to select the bookmark and launch to HBL/Loadiine both of which will allow you to use your Wiimote as a controller for menu selections.

    Now you can do HBL/Loadiine without a gamepad. Hopefully useful to anyone else out there who got a good deal on a WiiU without gamepad.
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    This will be incredibly useful for some people. I believe even Haxchi requires the gamepad due to being a DS VC. While there is a way to patch the DS VC to not require the gamepad, you wouldn't even be able to install Haxchi in the first place without being able to use the internet browser.
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    You can also bookmark any loadiine website link and trick the browser to autostart loadiine.

    Then setup quickstart to auto launch the internet browser.

    Boom! Autoboot to loadiine without CFW.

    Edit: Oh wait no gamepad. Hmmmm.
    Well you could still setup the browser to auto launch loadiine for you.
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  4. gauchito10

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    Nov 8, 2004
    I just tried this again, but unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it :( I'm getting HBL load errors.

    I think my drc-sim might have been still connected to the WiiU when I was testing this method, I'm not sure.

    Can the moderators remove this post? I don't want to mislead anyone.
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    You need to report your thread to get it shut down simply asking mods won't get it closed as the mods don't have time to read every thread on the site so they probably won't notice your request.
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