Sol Trigger confirmed as Imageepoch's last PSP Game


Jan 31, 2008
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We provided some preliminary details on Imageepoch's new PSP RPG Sol Trigger earlier (not "Soul Trigger," as we'd previously written). Here are some additional details via Sokuho's detailed writeup from Dengeki.
As detailed earlier, Sol Trigger is a PSP RPG with scenario work from Kazushige Nojima and character designs from Shuji Sogabe.
We're not totally sure how the game will play, but the "Sol" in the title appears to be a central concept. Sol is a special power that only the "people of the light" hold. When your HP reaches zero, if you have Sol remaining, you can recover. If you lose all your Sol, though, you'll reach a state of "near death" and will have to return back to your home base to restore your Sol.
In battle, you can deplete Sol to use skills. As you use skills, they become stronger. And as you use weapons, you learn new skills, a process called "Sol Awake."
It also seems that you can use Sol for a particularly special attack which ends up killing the user.
Dengeki introduces three characters: Farrell (CV: Kousuke Toriumi) The main character, a young man with slightly long hair that covers one of his eyes. Because he is one of the few holders of the "Golden Sol," he is looked at as the next leader of the Sol Triggers, a group that fights for the people of the light. His Sol Arm weapon is a sword. Ema (CV: Kana Hanazawa) A pink-haired 17-year-old, and Farrell's childhood friend. Her Sol Arm weapon is a gun. Her skills include not just attacks, but recovery. Walter (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) Walter's friend was killed by the church, and now he lives for revenge. His Sol Arm weapon is a scythe.
We should be getting more details on Sol Trigger later today as Imageepoch holds a webcast where they will formally announce the game.
For those wondering why Imageepoch is still making PSP games, it looks like this could be the last one. CEO Ryoei Mikage tells Dengeki that this will be the studio's PSP grand finale of sorts. They're making the most of it, though, and have assembled their largest development staff yet for the project.


Oh wow Kana Hanazawa has been getting many game roles lately, Sugita Tomokazu is an awesome seiyuu but I want to know the battle system a little bit better before wanting this.
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