Software failure & SD card brand? Is there a connection?

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    I'm curious if anyone has considered doing a scientific survey of boot/error rate success or downgrade success and a correlation with the brand/type of SD card used.

    I personally use a Samsung 64GB PRO in my ACHH n3DS, and have a ~99% boot rate with most software I've tried. I've had really good luck with my card, no real problems to speak of.

    One of my older o3DS systems has a Sony 16GB (meant for DSLR) and has had very few issues (also 99% boot rate). I believe my oldest system, a release-date 3DS, uses a small higher-end Sandisk (I don't have it handy at the moment.)

    I'm curious if those with major boot issues or bricks are using the stock cards (cheap Lexar usually) or some lower-quality card brand (like Transcend/Kingston/Dane-Elec) or perhaps a really old card (older than 3 years). This might shed some light on why some people have had serious issues and others have no issues. My cards come from official retailers, never from some "cheap" source.

    This isn't meant to be a brand-bashing contest - more just to gauge whether users should avoid cheap cards when using homebrew or other unofficial software. Just curious.
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    Unfortunately it would be pointless. The problem is the SD card manufacturers change memory and controller very often. I've had dozens of sandisk microsd cards for instance with wildly varying performance. This was for a product in which case variation in performance caused product failure. After talking to the internal team at sandisk they said they don't have any BOM (bill of materials) guarantee or control on their SD card products and they will change often depending on availability and cost.

    So, unfortunately, even among the same brand and card, although often they will have the same guts, they certainly might not.

    you are on the right track though, SD card does make a difference in a lot of ways.
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    Just like to add this to anyone that is having issues..always buy your SD cards from either big retailer stores; amazon, best buy etc never places like ebay as who knows what juck you might get and also format it with sdformatter.