softmodded wii does not recognise original wii discs in loaders!

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    Apr 12, 2014

    I have softmodded my wii 4.3E, but I cant backup my original wii discs because of "not a wii disc" error!

    I have used letterbomb (HBC and BootMii (on white wii even as boot2))... than Priiloader... than DOP-Mii v16 (IOS36 w/fake sign downloaded from NUS)... after that IOS236 (v6)... and as last cIOS38 rev17 aka IOS249 (installed with IOS236 via network installation)

    So initialy I had on my wii cIOS38 rev17 aka IOS249, which I have combined with USB Loader GX r1180 connected to wbfs formated 320Gb Hdd via USB a result I was able to play games from HDD without problems via usb loader. Unfortunately I had to download them from internet because all usb-loaders I tried did not manage to mount or instal games from my original wii discs.

    So I went on gbatemp IRC to ask about this and guys over there told me that my softmod is very archaic and this may be the problem. They recomended me to install some d2x from v6 to v10 as cios 249 (base 56) and cios 250 (base 57)... I have installed d2x-v10-beta52 as cios 249 (base 56) and cios 250 (base 57) with d2x cIOS Installer v3.1, and I also tried various USB-loader GX versions (v2.2, v2.3, v3.0 and R1218)

    but this didnt helped at all... usb loaders still did not recognized my original wii games as wii disc
    only difference was that Metroid trilogy stopped working when I tryied to load it with whatever version of USB Loader GX.

    Then I was told that wbfs is now obsolete and that currently everytnig works best with fat32
    so I changed wbfs to fat32 on my hdd... I have formated my HDD to fat32 with WiiBackupManager_Build78 and than I transfered all isos I have to newly fat32 formatted hdd to only find out that ALL GAMES from hdd stopped working and that I still cant make backups from my original wii discs by myself because Im still getting the "not a wii disc" error!

    Can somebody help me? Any idea? Sugestion?

    As for now I trying to format different HDD to wbfs with WBFS Manager 3.0 and than I will transfer my isos on it to try if I can make atleast games that worked before working again. But Im more than open to any suggestion. My ultimate goal is to have working softmoded wii that can play from fat32 hdd wii games and if possible wiiware (especialy Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time) and GameCube games... or at least to be able backup games from my original DVDs and working metroid games.
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    I remember someone having a similar error a while back, they just sent it to Nintendo. I heard they won't fix it though if it's modded, so try uninstalling the HomeBrew channel first.
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    Do the games even work in the disc channel? And for ripping, there's also CleanRip, which works well for ripping your original game discs to FAT32 formatted HDDs. You just might need to rename the file with some managing program.

    What's the error in Metroid Prime Trilogy exactly? This game shouldn't work with cIOS rev17, it should reboot the wii every time you select one of the included games. With the d2x cIOS on the other hand, you just need to set "IOS Reload block"(whatever it is called in your loader) to on or auto, and it should work flawlessly.

    And if there's just a few WiiWare tiles you are interested in, just double check you got clean wads. And then install them with WAD Manager or similar. You need clean wads, because malicious wad files can easily brick your Wii when installed.