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    Hello, and let's start off with the basics. I have owned a soft modded xbox for quiet some time, it has been ruffly 6 or more years in the running. What can i say you grow attached. I had the hair brained idea for my birthday to install boulders gate and play it with my dad. Long story short during one of my 2 a.m. FTP transfers I managed to corrupt my dash. So it was stuck at booting the Xbox logo to go completely black. No more UnleashX, just sadness. After many hours of tracking down the files, and getting the correct configuration was I able to finally get back into unleashX from NURDE. Here is the process that Involved restoring my xbox:

    *Older computer with a working disc drive (Has to have 2 IDE ports on the motherboard for xboxHDM)
    *NURDE 3.0
    *Copy of MS Dash 5960
    *Blank CD's
    *Torx BIt

    Ok before I being this will only work if you have made a eeprom back up or have your HDpassword

    Lets begin, with system prep:
    First you need to take apart the the system to begin "hotswapping"
    Once you have the top lid of the system off you need to unplug the IDE cable AND power cable to the dvd drive.
    Next I recommend that you loosen the hard drive from the tray, as it will allow for easier access.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Turn on the Xbox and let it boot. If you get error code: 11, or 12 you are golden (07, 16)-google it.
    Just let that xbox chill, off for the next step.

    Computer Prep:
    Ok you now need to obtain the above listed files to be able to build a working boot-able xboxhdm iso
    The base program really being xboxHDM as it is NURDE3.0 will be installing to.
    You need to point the nurde installer at the "linux" folder inside the xboxHDM folder and allow the program to finish.
    and extract the contents of the "MS dash" to the "C" folder under linux in xbox HDM as well
    Dont forget to add the eeprom to the "eeprom" folder in " Linux"
    Aft this has been done you can double click the make win ISO and should end up with a "Linux.ISO" about 669MB big.
    Burn it using image burn or nero.....
    now reboot your computer.
    At P.O.S.T as soon as you PC turns on press pause\Break.
    OK PC is done for now

    Turn on the xbox to get error 12\11
    Wait just a bit
    Now you can hot swap IDE cables from xbox to IDE of your Motherboard
    press backspace and boot to your CD

    Booting that CD go a head and select the Linux locking and unlocking tools
    Give the device the command to unlock the HD, CTRL,ALT,DEL when done to reboot the pc(only)
    Now select option 2 for setting up your HD
    it will have you verify that you are using an xbox HDD
    Now set that bad boy up from scratch in using the first option runing xboxhd, CRTL ALT DEL reboot after you finish

    Finally you back into the linux locking and lock your HD using the other command.
    Turn off xbox when done.

    Rebuild your xbox screws and all you are done. Enjoy having you xbox debricked from a bad


    So what i had managed to do was corrupt my entire C partition playing around with NURDE as a dashboard. I for some stupid reason deiced try and restore my C parition with the custom dash E partition by moving the file. During this time before the brick for some reason had a G drive that was gone after this operation failed. my dash that i had copied as well, My C partition was at about 21MB free. I thought an FTP of my dash back would fix it. After the system powered down is when the world of hurt started. !!!!!!!!!If you don't have a stock drive do not try to install or restore your C drive unless you have a back up!!!!!
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    I have to ask if you tried slayer's recovery disc as part of this? The method you describe will get things back, though I am not sure why you want people to do hotswaps if they have the keys/eeprom. I guess it will work but it seems a bit unnecessary.

    Also are we still suggesting shadowC?
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    I tried slayer recovery disc the console would not at all boot cd or dvd during the time it was bricked, granted i did not add a eeprom to at the time. It was just from what i was reading recovery disc did not work unless you had a mod chip. During the nurde install yes that option was ticked, but this is nolonger the stock drive I lost that one a looooong time ago, ever since the HD upgrade the MS dash has never worked lol. I use UIX instead, so i can enable 720P lol HD xbox after all this time. Granted it takes an old computer hotswapping was the only way i could think of to restore my corrupted partitions. Before attempting this I Used EXLPOER360 to add a new dash back to the console. It was no dice, no matter the partition. So i figured i made it this far why not use the unlocked drive to format again, given it was when i was finally able to get my HDPASS and my eeprom when booted unlocked in win XP. Nightmare of a time, really it was.