So I just got a droid 2 global...

Discussion in 'Android' started by sergster1, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Well i got a droid 2 global and Im migrating from Apple's walled garden... So far i LOVE the customization of android but it does take time to get used to but thats not why I'm posting this...

    I am an otaku as some may know and i like to watch anime. Unfortunately im a fiend for quality and usually only download MKV's. This was not a problem with my ipod touch as i had air video server and could stream media to my ipod touch but with android I cant seem to find a good streaming program (I've had orb in the past and i DETEST it). I also do have QQ Player, mobo player, and rockbox but my only problem is the subs arent synced with the audio/videos sometimes and it gets quite annoying.

    So my question is.... Does anyone know of a good media server/streamer OR a good video player that can fully utilize the Droid 2 Global's 1.2 ghz processor (which i plan to over clock and undervolt once i find a decent rom or if motorola plans on delaying Gingerbread even longer).

    Also a good battery manager life saver/useful apps would be appreciated as my droid EATS battery like no tomorrow.

    Also is there a cydia like app for android?

    Thanks in advance C:
  2. pokefloote

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    Talking about a Cydia-related app miiiight get people in trouble. It's against the rules to spread piracy programs.
  3. XAlexBlitz209X

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    Look for "arcMedia" That works for me.
  4. sergster1

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    cydia isn't used for piracy a certain repo that is part of cydia is. and if that was the case then all the Rudolf patch threads would be deleted and alot of people would be banned. (me included for writing the first working b/w aap)
  5. HateBreed

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    there's no need for a cydia because you can easily installed third party programs downloaded from the internet. As far as piracy goes there's a certain "planet" [​IMG] that will let you do that but its been down for a while and the apps are hardly ever the latest version
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    Said planet has been destroyed by the Death Star death ray.
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    for streaming i use skifta... i dunno about subtitles or anything cuz i don't watch anime soo.... yeah

    best way to improve battery is to root and delete/freeze/rename all of your bloatware, and if you want to take it a step further get a custom ROM, also lower your screen brightness, and don't use a task killer
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    Why would you need to stream? I usually convert my anime to 800x480 for my Samsung Galaxy S II. I usually download .rmvb anime. Besides if you convert you can always bring it everywhere and watch. [​IMG]
    Have you tried VLC streamer? For your phone it's be 854x480 btw.
  9. Originality

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    I dunno about you guys, but I would find it painful to watch anime on an Android phone. Even with my HTC DHD, the screen is just too small to enjoy.
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    just to warn guys mentioning the Android dodgy places will get you banned

    i suggest you read the rules and edit posts

    if you want a android video player get "Vplayer"
    does all formats and supports MKV and there subs

    if you want it permanent you need to buy/obtain the vplayer unlocker APK