Sky3ds or Gateway

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  1. athrun5

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    For the last little while I have been looking at what would be best to get.
    I was looking at sky3ds as the most likely to buy till I found out it wasn't 10 per microsd card but in fact 10 per sky3ds card. That was a big hitter but none the less a good deal.

    I don't know much about gateway expect the fact that its the first but I want to know which I should get and what would be best in my situation.

    I also heard that firmware 2.5 of gateway can run on 9.2.0-20 which is what I got. However I also thought that there 9.2.0-20 hasn't come out yet so I am a bit confused about this part. I am talking about for gateway not for 3ds.

    So the main point of this is to hear your thoughts so I can make a decision.
  2. json

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    Get a Gateway, it has 100x more features than sky3ds. And it will soon support 9.2.0-20
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  3. Jao Chu

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    Know one knows the answer to this at the moment, really.

    The talk of Gateway supporting 9.2 technically can't be classed as a rumor as they have officially stated that their next firmware update will be compatible with 9.2.

    But having said that, they also advised people who are on 4.5 to remain on that firmware version for the time being, which has cause some speculation as to what exactly 9.2 support on gateway means.

    There is no video proof, no further information about what is happenening with Gateway supposed 9.2 support.

    If you can wait a while, i would do that. Because the sky3DS is pretty expensive. Gateway is cheaper and if you find out later Gateway is actually better, you will be kicking yourself.....
  4. athrun5

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    Dec 2, 2010
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    Well I was planning on buying it before the new year hits soooo I got time. Thanks for your advice.
  5. Master X

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    GW made a lot of fuss about how they would have native support for FW 5.something around the time they had released it. They still haven't came out with that, so the "if you're on 4.5, stay on it" might just be them trying to cover their ass in case they can't put out native v9 support.

    Even considering this, the GW is still better since it doesn't have a 10 games played limit. While it might take you a bit more time to find a 4.5 3ds, or might be a bit more costly then a off the shelf unit (Though this is assuming none of the on shelf units are still @4.5 - It's possible some are), you'd save money long term if you are a person who quickly goes through games.

    I've got 22 games on my GW right now. If I wanted to do that with Sky3ds, I'd have to buy three of the cards.

    This isn't even considering the additional features the GW has over the Sky3ds.
  6. Danjal

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    Nov 9, 2014
    Based on information currently available to us SKY3DS offers:
    1. Plug-and-play functionality
    2. Currently a maximum of 10 games stable per card
    3. Through a glitchy workaround you can get over 10 games to work in an unstable state (with potential damage to card and loss of saves and so on)
    Assumptions are that SKY3DS can't be patched because it emulates a real card, as opposed to running through an exploit.
    Which is why the SKY3DS does not:
    1. Offer region-free usage
    2. Offer homebrew functionality
    3. Offer alternate functions like cheats or real-time saving

    Meanwhile Gateway offers a wide range of functions on 4.x devices some (or all) of which may or may not transfer to their announced 9.x solution.
    This would include but isn't necessarily limited to:
    1. Homebrew support
    2. Region-free access
    3. 'Unlimited' games per card
    Though to this date, Gateway has always been a bit more convoluted than SKY3DS currently is.
    Making its added functionality come at the cost of a bit of extra manual effort.

    On top of that we have a few unknown factors:
    1. The above mentioned unknown functionality for Gateway 9.x
    2. The long-term reliability of SKY3DS as a flash card team (Gateway has an existing track record)
    3. Nintendo patching their system to prevent either card from functioning on higher versions
    And so on.

    If you were to choose *right now* then SKY3DS is easier to use, but Gateway offers greater functionality.
  7. sj33

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    Oct 22, 2013
    Don't buy the Sky3DS. The 10 game limit is a killer. Gateway will not have this limitation once their fw9.2 compatibility is released.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    Honest and simple answer wait and see what gateway offer in terms of 9.x compatibility if its anything like the 4.x compatibility it will kick sky3ds into the dirt.......but that said there is no official response of what gateway will offer on 9.x consoles, just keep hold of your cash and buy once you know the whole picture
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  9. athrun5

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    Dec 2, 2010
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    Got it, I will wait and see what Gateway has but I personally think if Gateway can over more then 10 roms or being able to change what roms at any time I would go with them in a heart beat.

    Thanks for your advice.
  10. Foxi4

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    Neither. Sit tight and wait unless you have a 4.5 3DS. Everyone keeps saying "Gateway, woo-hoo! 9.x support coming soon!" but nobody actually knows when "soon" is. If Gateway does implement it then great for them, but so far they haven't. We don't know if any of Gateway's aditional functionality will be available in their supposed 9.x support implementation, it could just be one game per SD card, which would make it incredibly inconvenient. Give it time, there's no hurry.
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