1. Richmanngo

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    Jan 14, 2016
    hi, im very very desperate to play mhx in my N3ds using SKY3DS+. though i know i need a region free loader. my firmware is which i was glad when i saw ninjhax2.5 it gave me hope. now here is my problem.

    i formatted my sd card and try to put some roms so il try if my card is working...the after i deleted the rom so il have a clead sd card.so i started PASTING the starter kit in my sd card. (note: i was wondering why in some videos people have 3ds folder,dcim,etc but my card have none.)

    anyway my card include the following:
    3ds folder
    theme folder
    boot.3dsx ------ which turn to boot.3dsx.bad file
    v-cubn (cubic ninja rom 3ds file) sorry i dont have the physical rom;(

    4 things inside my sd card.

    i inserted the sd then boot the cubic ninja game and followed the instruction as i use my laptop to view my current ver. then in my console i started scan qr and face my N3ds in front of laptop then it went to the (menu) black menu telling me if i would like to install. well of course i choose yes. then instaling........the done. lower part 0000000 dunno what that means.

    after it said a jumble mumble text it goes white,green blue yellow red then STUCK at red every time. i tried to read every comment or tutorial but no luck.

    pls all i want is to play region free games. what am i doing so wrong=( thank you and i hope to have a sol. i will still keep trying. thank you very much. [​IMG]
    stops right there! =( i tried both sd card. formatted fat32 then default allocation i tried 16kilobytes 32 kilobytes default ...
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  2. Redferne

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    Oct 28, 2015
    United Kingdom
    The NinjaHax files go on your console's SDcard not your Sky3DS+ :)
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