Sky3DS Diskwriter Problem

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  1. fuzzdawg11

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    Dec 12, 2014
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    Hello all,

    I just got a Sky3DS and I have been testing it out. Works great on my 9.4 US 3DS! I have been having issues with the diskwriter software however. Here is the environment and hardware that I am using.

    -32 GB Kingston microSD
    -Windows 7/8 (I have used both versions with the same issues)
    -Diskwriter 1.05 and latest template
    -Administrative mode every time I have run the diskwriter
    -USB microSD adapter

    Here is the issue:

    Once I have loaded at least 1 or 2 games onto the microSD, while writing another game.... the program freezes and fails to write any more games. The games already loaded onto the microSD work, however, I am unable to load any more games onto the microSD card. I had up to 6 games written at once with around 22 GB of free space left and it froze. I tried reformatting about 5 times and then game up, leaving around 5 games on the thing.

    I haven't tried with a different microSD card yet, but does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. johnbus

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    Dec 10, 2014
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    Have you tested your MicroSD with H2testw to make sure it isn't fake or causing errors yet?

    I check all of my SD cards before I use them.