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    I know this might not be the best place to post this but i couldn't find any good site to post and some of the site I posted on first didn't even reply yet, plus i know that gbatemp is filled with many smart people who plans to major in different fields.

    For the last couple of nights there has been itchy spots on my leg and arm one on my left arm one on the top of my right knee cap and one on the bottom of my knee cap it comes and goes randomly.
    This happened a few nights ago when I was lying on the bed trying to sleep I started coughing and then when the coughing stopped the spots appeared and i started itching it kept me awake all the way until morning
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    This looks like an allergic process.
    You can't know for sure what it is until you find a doctor, that's why I suggest going to a dermatologist and have it to take a look and tell what happened.
    Meanwhile, you can use a body cream, I recommend using Nivea Extra Dry, I have a skin problem , in portuguese it's called "dermatite atópica", and I use tons of this body cream, it's the only thing that makes the itchy goes.