Size or Resolution

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    Aug 23, 2007
    PSP Go Vs. PSP-1000
    Gameboy Pocket Vs. Gameboy color
    Gameboy Color Vs. GB on Gameboy Advance SP
    Gameboy Advance Vs. GBA on DS Lite
    DS Lite Vs. DSi XL
    iPod Vs. iPad
    DSi XL Vs. DS on 3DS XL
    DS Lite Vs. DS on 3DS XL (small mode)

    whats better, a Bigger screen with lower resolution or a Smaller Screen with Higher Resolution?

    the PSP and GBP have Ghosting effects or Blurring,
    but the Superior PSP Go and GBC are SMALLER!

    and the Gameboy Advance shrinks the Gameboy image even smaller.
    and the 3DS (hold select) shrinks the Gameboy image even smaller still.

    LOL, GB keeps being displayed Smaller and Smaller. i cant decide if its better to play GB games on a backlight modded GB pocket, or buy from the 3DS eShop.