Shimmering / Flickering problem in many many games.

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    Apr 17, 2018
    Hello people,

    First of all, apologize my english, its not my native language.

    If its not the good place to require your help, just tell me and I'll go where you want.

    So, I just created an account here for a problem that me and many people encounter. I will try to present you the problem from a personal point of view. It would be great if you were interested in this and if possible explain to me what is wrong, because hundreds or more people are affected by this issue and nobody know what happening.

    This concern many games from recent to old, and I think only games who use a mipmapping technique, i will explain you why I think that.

    Symptoms is flickering/shimmering effect on textures, especially on the vegetations but not only. There is an nvidia forum, called '' Pixelated Shadows + Texture Popins - GTX 960, 970,980 etc... '' who have more than 110 pages and have litteraly no response from an nvidia agent.

    Do not pay attention to the problems mentioned about shadows, in reality that's absolutely normal and its not a bug. The onnly real bug is the shimmering/flickering effect on the textures, and the exaggerated pop-in ( but the pop in problem is related to a lod issue, i will explain that just after ).

    As you can see ( if you find the forum ), many people encounter this issue. My comments is in the last page ( 110 ), my username on this forum is '' kaio s '' and that's here that I understood what was the problem.Many people started to invent wacky theory like '' its an electric problem ''... but none of them is correct. There is a guy, page 105, who leave a comment rather interesting, its the first comment of the page written by '' FurfyDeezNutz ''. Also, an another guy say '' i read about ENB or SweetFX can corrupt Windows and make LOD BIAS work unproperly...can someone explain to me if that one can be a possible solution? ''. I say you that because i was thinking the same thing and because > everything started when using/testing some enb's or some SweetFX <.

    Let me explain you exactly how this shimmering textures bug begin : I was testing some enb's on Skyrim Special Edition, everything is fine, beautiful etc.. until i open the game to test an enb and at this moment, BOOM, everything on the screen is shimmering like hell. Especially the grass/trees. But not like a lack of AA, its different. Do you see how a textures without mipmapping look ? It's exactly how it look. I was thinking this is an enb problem so I uninstal the enb and re-open the game, but no, everything is shimmering again. So i reinstall totally the game, but nothing happen.. the visual bug is here. So i decided to look into an another game, i open total war warhammer 2 ( that i already finish, so i know exactly how the game normally look ) and BOOM every textures is '' raw '', is shimmering, flickering.. EXACTLY how a texture without mipmapping look. I would like to post some pictures to show you perfectly what i say, but unfortunately i can't post any link ^^

    Its a problem of mipmapping, lod bias and point filtering for minification. I'm 100% sure on that. So that's incorrect to say '' pop in problem, or shimmering problem '' in reality.

    Also there is many video on youtube ( for exemple, type '' skyrim shimmering '' on youtube and see the first / second and fifth videos, you will understand a bit better ) that show this shimmering/flickering bug.

    As I said : this issue starting, for me and other peoples, when I was testing some enb's. This is clearly a track to study. I know some ENBSeries can take the control of the mipmapping lod bias over the driver of your graphic card.

    So, logically and to my eyes, we/I have done something wrong with some enb and that as corrupted/controlled something in our software who now control this parameter ( mipmap lod bias ) over our drivers and create this issue. Honestly i find it totally possible and totally logic. In any case, for me and for all those for whom this problem begin when testing some enb. Right know i'm in the discussion with Boris Vorontsov, the creator of ENBSeries, to trying to understand the problem a bit better. But its a he is very busy and it is difficult to have a real discussion with him, which is normal.

    If i ask for help here, that's because we are not professional, we are just simple gamers who buy an ultra expensive PC and for whom this bug prevents us from taking advantage of it, we literally have no response from any professional who would be kind enough to help us...

    I repeat that the shadow problem presented in the nvidia forum is not a problem, its totally normal and that's how the games engine work. The only true bug is the shimmering/flickering effect on the textures, especially visible on the vegetations in many games and who appear after some installations/testing of enb's or sweetfx. The picture that i posted is the best exemple and is 100% representativ of the bug. So to me its a problem linked to a mipmapping, lod bias and point filtering for minification problem.

    Thanks for your patience to have read this long message. I have tried to explain the problem the best I could. It would do service and would please many many people if some '' profesionnal '' here can help us and enlighten us on this problem.