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    [​IMG] SEGA Retro Flash Kits
    X-mas Idea

    Many retro gamers have always wanted the ability to play ROMs on the actual hardware. While some groups have recently put out some new Nintendo based Flash Kits (NeoFlash Myth carts, RetroZone kits, etc), ToToTek has been building retro SEGA Flash Kits for the last few years. The kits might not appeal to all as they tend to stick out of the shell, require extra "T" connectors, 5 volt USB ports, and an EPP printer port. If the average user can see past the aesthetics, these kits do offer a high compatibility and the ability to play ROMs on retro SEGA systems.

    The site also carries joy-pad converters, retro systems, replacement parts, n64 RAM, rumble packs, and more. Do your research first and then consider a gift for this holiday season!

    [​IMG] ToToTek Homepage
    [​IMG] SMS Flash Kit
    [​IMG] Genesis Flash Kit
    [​IMG] Sega GG Flash Kit
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    Ehhh... I don't know. It stands out too much.
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    The Everdrive is a decent Genesis/Mega Drive flash cart. It takes SD cards and it is cheaper than the ToToTek and NeoFlash carts.
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    I have a NES and SNES Powerpak. THIS IS MY NEXT BIG PURCHASE. [​IMG]
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    the requirement of tototek, that you need a 5v usb port, and any less voltage damages your cart, but using a parallel port is pretty weak
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    I'd buy one if I still had my sega hardware.

    I sold most of it off the year my son was born.

    All I have left are a modded Saturn and a launch day Dreamcast. I kept my mint copy of the original Phantasy Star too.
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    nice find, any reviews of this card comparing it to the other ones that are out?
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    A tad pricey for being able to play my genesis one more.

    Although, for me to even be able to use my Genesis again, I'd need the S/NES RF adapter, or something that can work on a model 1.
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    Aren't they all 5v? I'm pretty sure that's the standard.
  11. indask8

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    Yes USB is a standart: 5V/500Ma per ports.

    I have tototek genesis flash kit, but I don't use it anymore since I bought an everdrive, more convenient (plug/unplug parralel cable + USB is a pain in the ass, everdrive is drag'ndrop and have region bypass built in)..
  12. Crass

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    Besides calling old systems "retro" (they aren't retro, they're just old, look up the definition of retro, its an old aesthetic applied to modern devices) I think this is a good thread to point out that Dreamcast SD adapters are now for sale (and dirt fucking cheap too).

    Although I guess the compatibility with retail games isn't so great, it makes messing with homebrew and emulators alot easier.
  13. Shambler2

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    I've got the everdrive, for Mega Drive (Genesis) and the SNES. Both have fantastic compatibilty and are sold at a very reasonable price. Only problem is of course the issue of paying for them! The seller (who also designed and built every one by hand!) lives in the Ukraine, so no Paypal is available. He has recently set up an online shop out of the country however, which for a little extra money allows people to buy with PayPal. If anyone is considering the Tototek carts, please look into the Everdrive series! I can't praise it enough
  14. indask8

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    Great, but is there somewhere else than taobao to buy them.

    (I guess they will appear soon on ebay and other places if Chinese manufacturer starts to mass produce them)
  15. shadow1w2

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    Everdrive looks great. But too expensive.
    Would be great if I could get a one rom at a time cart to give as a gift.
    Great if you are programing homebrew.

    Those Dreamcast SD things look cool. I hope they get around to Deal Extreme or something eventually.
    Though they look like just USB SD card readers to me.
    Still love my Dreamcast though.
  16. RchUncleSkeleton

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    The Everdrives are excellent devices and much more convenient than the tototek adapters....if you're worried about sending your money to a stranger in Ukraine you can get them online from a shop called Stone Age Gamer though I believe they are currently out of stoke on both the Sega and Super Nintendo Everdrives. They are however a reliable site that is recommended by many youtube reviewers etc.