Seeking help for buying a new case.

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    I'm gonna buy a PC just for CoD4 and MW2 but sadly the system requirements for MW2 is not revealed yet. And I have to go to conscription service after 3 months and its not clear where I will do my service for next 1.5 years. So I'm searching for a system that is like low-end for these two games at a proper graphics but all its parts are upgradable easily, without changing motherboard for instance.

    For example, I want my motherboard to support most latest generation of graphics card slot so I can change the graphics card later or have DDR III for RAM so I won't need to change my motherboard for DDR III ram support and like get e medium Core 2 Duo cpu for now but can upgrade just the cpu after some time.

    I prefer Intel, nVidia, ASUS but I'm open to your other brands suggestions.

    and my budget is around 300$.

    (I just want CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, Motherboard).

    tnx in advance.