Scared about the new update.

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    I've read around about different effects people were getting from updating their O3DS systems. There's people who says that their consoles are bricked (although most of them are from updating sysNAND), but then there's people who had no issues, then there's people who says they've lost all of their information within emuNAND (not games, but DLC, save data, etc), and I'm just confused (and scared) beyond belief.

    I'm currently using rxTools (the ol' Nintendo DS exploit method), and I was hoping that I could get at lease a 90% confirmation as to whether it's safe to update (just my emuNAND, which is what I use for everything) or should I not and just wait. I know there are threads on here that says it IS safe, but there's this little throbbing in the back of my head telling me to not do anything.

    Also, is there any special pre-requisites I need to know or to do before I update, or can I just simply do it (on the emuNAND side) as if I don't have a hacked 3DS?

    Thank you.
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    Just keep aware you will be running 11.0.0-33 with a 10.4 firmware. This is advised and preferred.

    You should not update sysnand.
    You should make a backup of your emunand.
    You should make a backup of your SD.

    If you explicitly or your system implicitly borks your emunand during the update, you can roll back with that SD+Emunand backup.
    If you explicitly or your system implicitly borks your sysnand, and you don't have a hardmod and a backup you are screwed.

    Having an o3ds I would strongly advise you to get A9LH installed with Luma and Decrypt9. In o3ds is just a regular downgrade.
    Don't be afraid, but also don't be reckless.
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