Samurai Warriors Chronicles for 3DS review

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    Well HELLO EVERYBODY and welcome to a Lightning fast review of... Samurai Warriors Chronicles for the Nintendo 3DS! I bought this game 2 days after the official day of release in Europe(25 March) and I played it for about 18 hours and cleared it! Wahoo! I am so happy with it, its my best 3DS game at the moment.

    Picture of the European cover:

    Developer information:

    Name: TECMO KOEI Europe LTD
    Producer: W-Omega Force
    Other known titles: Dynasty Warriors(all systems) and Monster Racers(GREAT GAME FOR NDS)

    Game information:

    name: Samurai Warriors Chronicles
    Genre: Beat ´m up
    Date of release: 25 February in Japan(I am right?) 25 March Europe and 27 March for the United States
    Style of game: Japanese


    Lightning(Alex), for Sc00p magazine.
    This should not be reproduced.


    I did go to my local GameMania(game store) and I did try it. To much story line! I did irritate myself on the Japanese talking guys since I could not understand em and I was forced to read the touch screen(which I did not do) and I ended up waiting some minutes. So after longggg time waiting I played it. And it felt GREAT! So its worth the €50,-.


    The controls are worked out well; you use a combination of L, R, X and Y for main things, for the Mossou attack(wrong spelled [​IMG]) you will need to fill your Spirit and Red gauge. This attack is strong and looks great too but press A when you want to do this.! Further you can change it all in control settings! It is not hard to play on easy most times BUT in the last part you will get some heavy missions! AND you can customize your character and weapons! You can chose between male and female at the start too. Still the weapon customization is a bit hard to understand.

    Further is the whole game spoken in Japanese(English subtitles of course) but still the voices fit great in the personalities!

    Gameplay buy IGN; they are attacking a fortress.


    IT LOOKS OMG. The 3D effect is used well on all levels and in the movies WOW look yourself. I cannot tell much but you really can see depth in all of the levels and it makes it much better to play. And the characters; the characters are from real Japanese named clans, the characters look great styled overall and the enemy´s are not like James Bond games all the same face. xD the all look the same but you cannot see their face!

    Nobunga Oda our guy we will join!

    Sounds and Music:

    No offense, the music is Japanese styled and sounds great on the 3DS both with earphones and the original 3DS speakers. Futher the enemy make a standard WAAAAHHHH sound when you defeat them nothing special but not screwed up like in some other games.

    Long lasting:

    The fields look great and variated, the replay value is high as well.(played the first level 4 times [​IMG]) it took me 18 hours to complete the game. I am not at 100% yet! Soo it can take some longer too!


    Hard to fellow at the begin, end and middle. Still I did fellow it. Its hard to remember those names. But after some times you know who who is! But the story is overall nice and it ends like all story´s; srt of good.

    End of story line

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Final score:

    Gameplay:16/20 Plays great! Difficult Weapon upgrade system.
    Graphical:18/20 BEAUTIFUL! no regrets.
    S&M:15/20 Great Japanese styled music, standard WAAH sounds by dead for enemy.
    Long Lasting:20/20 18 hours is enough.
    Story:14/20+ Hard to understand but overall good!
    Final score: 83/100

    80 POINTS! WHAM GREAT! If you like beat ´m up games BUT IT.

    Other scores by other sites:

    Nintendo Life: 5/10
    Gamespot: 4.5/10
    IGN: 5/10

    Yeah FUCK YOU critics! Its a great game; you do not know what your talking about! [​IMG] I AM PRETTY SURE ITS A GREAT AND DECENT GAME.

    edit: oops; typo!
    Edit 2: new cover old one did not work to well -.-
    Edit 3: Added my name, no copies without permission, mail me(see profile) if you see a copy)
    Edit 4: Tecmo Koei knows of this review now; score was to low for my feeling, 3 points higher. [​IMG]
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    I am thinking on getting this and Rabbids 3D/Super Monkey Ball 3D next week. It's nice to see that this is a good choice, because the critics keep bashing this game over and over. As I'm studying japanese, I think the japanese dub would come in handy. IMO, nice review and nice to see that it's a favorite among owners. I hope to be one of those.
  3. SylvWolf

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    As a huge Warriors/Musou fan, it's great to see the series available on more consoles. The portable versions simply haven't done it yet for me, but this will be an insta-buy if I ever get a 3DS. One thing to note about the series, though, is that it gets slammed by professional reviewers. Admittedly, each game doesn't significantly add or change that much, but they're still so damn fun and last so long. Nice review.
  4. Langin

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    Never buy monkey ball; its way to short [​IMG] take rodge racer!
  5. vandawn

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    Feb 25, 2011
    agreed i own rigde racer and its pretty good
    so about samurai warriors i totally agree the critics dont even know what they are talking about
    this game its actually great,fun,great stroy,great attack paterns and so on
    the thing is you have to play this game to see what it means "the samurai way"
    totally ejoyed it and i am still playing it
    lastly i would like to tell you that this review was pretty well made
    only thing it didnt include well it was the story

    about the story if you would like to add to your review bits of these words!!
    "So you start as a nobody a simple samurai. You start fighting with many well known warriors going from one army to another
    trying to find your way. As you complete many difficult missions on the way you gain many friends and foes. One of these friends is the
    well know general Nobunaga. You join his army and along the way you become on of his close generals. On a missions where one of his
    close generals betray him, while trying to subdue him Nobunaga dies. After that many of his generals go their different ways continuing being
    friends or even becoming foes among themselves. In the end you go your own way too trying to unite the land and bring peace at last.
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    This game is one of those games that either you hate, or you love.

    Just like Monster Hunter. Most western critics don't like that style of game.

    I'll probably get it when the price drops (Maybe in like a year or something).
  7. Guild McCommunist

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    Well, you just don't really care about critics and Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games. They always come out and they get bad reviews for being the same thing, which is just mindless and repetitive hacking and slashing. Thing is, a lot of people (including myself) find some lot of joy in that.

    I've heard completely opposite opinions on this game. When it comes to Warriors games, it basically comes down to content, depth (not in a 3D way), and graphics (I'll explain later). Content is just how much you have to do. Whether there's a large array of guys to choose from, enough missions, etc. Depth is just if you can like level up your generals, customize them, customize their underlings, etc. And graphics just determine if the game runs well enough. If it'll keep a constant framerate, if you can have tons of guys on screen at once without lag, how much fog there is, and whether the models themselves actually look good.

    But I've heard some people say it's a great SW game, others say it was one of the worst. I'll probably get the game when I eventually (if ever) get a 3DS, so I'll have to see then.
  8. prowler

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    Jul 14, 2009
    Warrior games get slammed to the ground by reviewers because nothing big is added to each rehash of the game.
    Still, I love Koei for not giving a shit about the reviewers and continue to release these games outside Japan.

    This game is much more enjoyable than other Warrior games since it's got a VN style to it.
  9. Langin

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    @Guild, hmm Ill soon edit my article for some magazine, Ill try to include more info on the storyline and graphical things like frame-rate etc.

    Still I think it does NOT get repetitive, since I played some levels 2 times.