Samurai Warriors 3 Story mode bug fix

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    Jun 19, 2017
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    Hello, and good evening, gentlemen!

    Recently, i've been making backups of a few games i have, had no issues so far, save for one; SW3, NTSC. The game proceeds smoothly, you're able to create custom officers, go through free/historical modes, but well, we all know, for these games, is the story mode that matters. When you pick a character and a stage, the small introduction plays, followed by a black screen, if i remenber correctly, just before the cutscene, can't proceed.

    There's any possible fixes? i've seen a few across the internet, people with the same problem, or the game not starting at all, but no avail, so far. I have most of the IOS required for gaming compatibility, 249, 248, and Hermes's 222, 223 and 224, it should be working properly. Loading through GX 3.0, had absolutely no problems with other games, as i said. Perhaps a bad ISO?

    I thank you in advance, this is one of my long time favorites, used to play it quite a lot, back in 2012.​
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    Hmmm, I have Samurai Warriors 3 on my USB and played it on my Wii without issue (me and my buddy would play it a lot as we waited for Hyrule Warriors to drop). I can't honestly say offhand what settings I had enabled to get it to work, but I don't believe I had any real issue getting the game to play correctly. My advice would be to maybe consider downloading another copy of the game, perhaps the PAL version, it should essentially be the exact same game and a hacked Wii will be able to play it no problem.
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