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    I'm pretty new to CFW and emuNand, and all of that good stuff, so I assume I missed something when setting this up.

    I'm on 8.1U, I have Cubic Ninja (retail), I created the emuNand, and when I boot RxTools it will auto load my emunand, but if I select either of the boot options it just freezes.

    Can anyone also give me a brief rundown, or link me to it if it already exists, to the benefits of either downgrading to 4.5, or updating to 9.2?

    I also haven't updated my emuNand yet, because I'm pretty much doing a test run, I suppose.

    In the end, all i want is a reliable emuNand that's set up correctly and updated to the latest.

    There has been a lot of progress in the 3DS scene lately, and since I updated my XL and N3DSXL right after NH1.0, I've missed out on a lot of stuff. So far, it works for what I want for the most part (JPN exclusives) but i don't want to run into any snags when trying to play something in the future.

    I'm also making the assumption that RX w/Pasta is the best route, but again, I can't be sure of anything.
    Thanks in advance, and sorry about the wall of text.
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    I'm missing a lot probably, but for me personally, this is the important stuff
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