Rune Factory 4 Monster Mod Codes

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    Here maybe a little late for the codes but its better add now than nothing

    And this is for "Gateshark" And The Game Is USA "00040000000D2800"

    *Monster Mod For 1st Barn & Your Own 1st Monster
    1075445C 000000xx

    Note 1 - Change "XX" into monster's id, and sorry for that i don't have a list, maybe in future me or someone else will made it one but for now i will gave a digits for final boss only
    1. EC - Ethelwill (Don't try with "ED" because it has NO Form/Invisible)
    2. EE - Ragnarok
    3. EF - Ethelberd
    4. 8C - Death Fungus

    Note 2 - Some of non tameable monster will no display at picture (Like Villagers Can Be Tameable Barn Monster Even Your Son Or Daughter) but they are work in anything even can be ride and has origins form and move list of skills.

    Note 3 - Before you made or try a digits for a monster i suggest save it first (Better safe than sorry) because some of them will has no body/form or the other words is invisible and if you made a mistake there are no solution for make visible body/form anymore even if you change into other digits, if you found your monster has no form then you made a failure (See Note 1)

    Maybe i will make a codes for 1st barn and 2nd monster and etc but later

    Codes Made By Me (Jerzey)
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