RPX file header and structure

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    I wanted to know whether enough information has been collected about the RPX file (Is it just an ELF file?) so that we would be able to build homebrew as RPX and load them using Loadiine, this way our homebrew would be more portable (And probably can allocate more memory), so if not much information is collected about the RPX, then why wouldn't we create a GIT repository to make building RPX from C code possible??
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    As it stands, tools exist for converting between ELF and RPX (both ways) such as rpl2elf (now tough to find, old version here, possible newer version here? RPX->ELF) and makerpl (from the Cafe SDK, ELF->RPX). You could pretty easily compile an ELF and be able to convert with a copy of the Cafe SDK. RPX/RPL itself is fairly well documented, try wiiubrew to start. I also remember seeing a fairly extensive thread around here somewhere.
    Although it's worth pointing out that HBL basically gives you access to everything the Wii U has to offer (inside of the IOSU's boundaries, of course). I'm not sure about the portability front, but as for memory you can access everything you'll need (and a bit more if you're willing to play with BAT registers) through HBL.
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