Rom organizing questions & what do you use?

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    Mar 2, 2014
    For years I've been using DSRomOrganiser but nowadays my needs and wants have slightly changed to what it can do.

    Its still a good program for cataloging roms but doesn't really follow some standards scene in how its done.

    DSRomOrganiser uses different directories Roms / Images Covers / Images Icons / NFO Files, also doing this images are named 1.png to 500.png in directories marked 0001-0500 while ok for storing on your system with the rom files, its not good for sharing and other stuff if you plan to zip each game up individually etc, and I have let the dev know I hope about it but doubt it'll change.

    The way I'm wanting to focus my collection now is consolidated files together. I use a slightly different naming from you all being 'Name [Loc][Number]' instead of 'Number - Name (Loc)', reason for this is I actually play my games rather than just keeping them for archival means so with this I can bulk rename the rom number from the end to the beginning of the name if needed.

    So ultimately I'm grabbing scene packs etc and noticing that each rom is zipped with images and nfo etc included named accordingly to the roms. I also own other consoles and use the same method where images / xml / cue sheets etc are in the same directory named appropriately for boxart etc which is used on the actual game loaders via web interfaces etc and to show off collections.

    So ultimately I want to consolidate all the assets using the rom names etc to be more to what the scene and other people use. (I know images use the 1.png etc on advancescene just wondering if there was another way to do it that's proper).

    DSRO does make separate achieves with the images etc but all the images are just named 'game' icon/image/nfo and coverimage so if you extract the achieves you cant have all the images in the same directory with the rom nds files and theirs no option in DSRO to change the achieve image naming. I guess doing that is ok for now. (also not all my roms compressed 208 didn't for some reason)

    But I thought I'd ask as currently all my roms are unzipped but thinking of zipping them all up and consolidating them like sceners do but via name first using a tool.

    Also as above with the rom number it would be cool if you add a metadata field on a tag in the file and then add that field to windows explorer so you could either sort by rom number or name using different columns for each.

    And finally what organiser do you all use? I've stuck with DSRO because it is still updated even though it can be buggy and was the best I found for organising roms and creating lists of what you don't have etc even though now I'm not too much liking the multiple directory for each asset type thing.

    edit: Edited stuff here as I'm still getting my head around my own rom collection what I want from it etc.