Rockbot v.01 BETA-6

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    Rockbot v.01 BETA-6

    Rockbot is a multi-platform game strongly influenced by MegaMan. Please check below for more information.

    [​IMG] Off-site Download(s) 
    [​IMG] Project Post
    [​IMG] Source
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    Oh awesome - I downloaded it when before reading the changelog and was confused as to why every level was the same and went to the same boss xD! Also why I couldn't die xD!

    Even in beta stages I didn't think it was this early [​IMG] - isn't it more like an alpha, then beta when it's mostly bug fixing and feature adding (like a health bar, not being able to lose)?
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    No, usually alpha are closed tests (meaning only the developers get their hands on it), beta means you are still adding features to it and finally release candidates are for bug-fixing only (and some missing featurs can still make in, if they do not break binary and API compatibility). This is what I am following. While I have to make changes in file-format, it is beta.

    The game have support for death and different stages, it is just that I've not yet enabled both because, well it is a beta [​IMG]
    Beta 7, due to go out in august should have:
    - player death
    - 8 initial stages and a few ones in skull-castle
    - weapons, some simple items as energy tanks and pills
    - boss IA/movement

    Later to be added:
    - ending
    - more ground types such as ice and water
    - dialogs and better history
    - more types of IA for NPC and bosses

    Also, please notice the version number, 0.1 is way different than a 1.0 [​IMG]

    I would like to implement everything much faster, but this is, basically, a one-person project, that started in january, made on my free time. Any help is welcome [​IMG]
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