Hacking Rock band games issue {drums}


Nov 23, 2010
Hi there.

I had a bit of a problem with rock band at the weekend there.

Heres the situation. Last week i got my rock band drums and rock band 2 & 3 going. Everything was fine.
Then at the weekend with my mate round i played {in this order} rock band 2 then 3, then we played lego rockband and finally green day rockband. After that i went to put rockband 3 back on and my drums no longer worked and the wii wasnt recognising them.

Checked my drums on my pc with drum machine and thankfully they were fine.

So I then went back through the process of what i did the first time to get my drums working....

Installed Hermes cIOS with the recommended base IOS.
IOS222 v4 Is installed as Base IOS38.
IOS223 v4 Is installed as Base IOS37 Merged with IOS38
IOS224 v5.1 Is Installed as Base IOS57

And all is good again. RB 2 & 3 and lego RB all working, but havent dared trying green day RB again just incase i dont get as lucky the 2nd time round

Any idea what exactly happend the first time? Im guessing it must be something to do with Green day RB as all the other games ran fine one after the other.

Is GD RB overwriting my ios's or something like that ? {im quite new to all this btw}
Anyone had/read of this sort of problem and is there a work around?
I dont fancy having to install the wads again after everytime i play GD RB.

{Using uloader to play my RB disc backups}

Thanks for reading. Hope someone can help me out on this one.

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