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    Jun 6, 2009
    Hey guys!

    I'm searching for RB3 wii players, everywhere, there doesn't seem to be too many. Rock Band Central is still up, leaderboards and online is up and running, but we can't add friends, so we need skype or some sort of communication way to meet up in search quickplay.

    Anyways, with customs songs possible, and dlc tools and emunands and whatnot, you can break the song limit, and have alot more fun with RB. I'm sitting at around 1800 songs right now, about 600 officials and the rest are custom songs :).

    If you're interested drop a message here, or search for alternity156 on skype. *skype is probably the best idea*

    Here's a link if you're not interested in online play, but still interested in leaderboards for customs, they contain unique IDs you have to manually enter in the song's DTA. Newer compiled songs from Magma C3 should already have one, but most of them still don't, and online play/leaderboards doesn't work without a valid ID, and we maintain this list so everyone has the same IDs, hopefully.