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    Mar 18, 2010
    i normally use handbrake to convert files but it cant convert rmvb files

    so... rmvb to mp4?
  2. jlsyber

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    Mar 31, 2010
    Use iWisoft free video convertor.
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    You can use avisynth too.

    rmvb is using a compression over framerate skipping instead of image quality compression.
    So, if you want to convert rmvb to another format, you must reconstruct the missing frames by forcing the framerate.

    for example with avisynth :
    create a text file, and rename to :
    edit with notepad and put this inside:
    DirectShowSource("x:\your_file.rmvb", fps=29.97, convertfps=true, audio=false)
    This is for the video only, set audio=true is you want both stream.
    I needed to make them separately to create a vob for dvd authoring.
    Set the targeted framerate too (29.97 was for PAL dvd)

    Then use any video converter, and open .avs as if it was .avi, then save it to .mp4
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