Hacking Riskii Mod 2 w/ preloader v0.26


New Member
Dec 24, 2008
United States
Hello all,

I am currently trying to update my preloader v0.26 to preloader v0.29 through WiFi. All seems to be working, until it gets to the end when I get the message "Insert A Coin." I have tried to google and and search through these forums, but I haven't found a resolution yet.

Here is my Wii config (from what I can remember)

Initially I installed gamma backup loader 0.3 and then I wanted to upgrade to RiskiMod 2, so I "reformatted" the Wii through system menu (thinking I would just a do a fresh install to run RiskiiMod).

Currently, I am running RiskiiMod 2 with preloader v0.26 and trying to get it to v0.29, but can't and would like to know how.

I just installed coverflow 5.1 beta and would like it to autoboot. Just to note, I did enter preloader menu and configured it to "autoboot: file" (after installing coverflow.dol through the preloader), but it seems that the Wii boots to fast and doesnt recognize the usb hdd...

BTW, i am currently running wii system menu 3.2U

Please help, if you can. Thanks in advance

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