restored Nand.. now Error

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    I was following the 3ds-guide got to the Restore Nand, finished that.. pressed start to reboot.. not i get "Failed to get the CTRNAND FIRM" ?

    I came from a downgraded 3ds on 4.5...

    it say add firmware.bin and cetk files to Luma folder but nothing happens after that? reboot the same error?

    I have original nand and otp.bins

    also ive noticed guide stats

    9.2.0 CTRTransfer fix

    "Launch GodMode9 from arm9loaderhax by holding (Start) during boot
    1. Navigate to SDCARD -> files9
    2. Press (A) on the CTRTransfer .bin to select it
    3. Select “CTRNAND options…”
    4. Select “Transfer image to CTRNAND”
    5. If prompted, select “Transfer to SysNAND”
      • This prompt will only appear if you have an EmuNAND"

    Mine says Adapt image to SysNAND, not Transfer to CTRNAND

    Thanks for any help
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