Resident Evil 4

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    Oct 25, 2008
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    ok well first this is what my Wii system is running:

    Dual ISO Loaders (Backup Channel 0.1 & WiiGee 0.3)

    Ok so now here is the problem:

    I recently tried to play Resident Evil 4 (NTSC), When I would load the ISO Loader it would work fine (at first). Then when I got to loading a save file it would shut down (which i know is an issue with the US version).

    So now I decided to get a PAL version. So I got it I did the patching, no problems there. Tho when I went to burn it IMGburn gave me an error saying it was a non supported image (or some crap like that).

    So ok, I just go ahead and burn a 1:1. Burns just fine.

    Now the problem tho. When I go to load it I just get the

    "An Error has occured, please Eject the disc and restart the Nintendo Wii"

    Does anyone know how I can go about fixing this? I was told the PAL version works (Both patched & 1:1), but I am having no luck here.