Replacement Top Screen for original 3DS XL

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  1. sethcathison

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    Nov 13, 2011
    my son dropped his 3DS XL and broken the hinge and tore the top screen ribbon cable.

    Im looking at replacement top screens on ebay

    THis one is GBP 8.69

    but it mentions in the description that it doesnt have a back light

    Others that increase in price do not mention anything about a back light

    Then there is this one at GBP 19.99

    that says it has a backlight.

    I guess I need one with a backlight but I cant see a difference in the pictures. you dont seem to be able to buy a backlight on its own so why would there be once on sale without the backlight?

    Any help?
  2. GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 7, 2016
    Don't know what they mean with backlite as the display is one closed thing. I would take the one for 20i quit and if done a few of them.

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