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    Hey everyone,
    I've decided to try my hand at coding for the PSP, and a fellow on PSPSlimHacks by the name of no name was gracious to lend me some source code of a battery plugin he/she had created. I decided that I would be interested in looking through it and changing it to my liking, and that's just what I did. Presenting, SimpleBatteryColor 1.0, based off of SimpleBattery.

    Displays your battery percentage in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
    Toggle display by simply holding the PS button for a few seconds. Repeat to enable again.
    Fades from white to yellow from 100% to 50%, and yellow to red from 50% to 0%
    Will not display anything if a battery is not inserted

    Flickers occasionally
    Displays when a video is playing (just disable it before you watch a video)
    Displays as a solid color when gameboot plays
    Does seem to be incompatible with the PSP Go (but that may be a PSP Go thing)
    ---->Displays 60%, then 30%, then 0%, it could be that Sony hasn't implemented some sort of proper battery sensor in the Go

    Original SimpleBattery plugin

    Feel free to leave suggestions and bug reports on this thread.

    Go easy on me, C wasn't my best subject in college!
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    Awesome, thanks!