[Release] GM9 Script - Backup/Restore Boot Animation

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    [Release] GM9 Script - Backup/Restore Boot Animation

    This is for Boot Animations ONLY! Not for Splash Screens (Which are not affected anyways).

    I made these (2) scripts for Godmode9 to easily Backup and Restore my current Boot Animation (It works by changing filenames) before updating Luma which of course would replace the Boot.Firm breaking the Boot Animation.
    Usually I wouldn't release such simple things like this, but I'm trying to share more :P

    How to use these scripts:
    Simply put just run the Backup Script "backup_boot_animation.gm9" before updating, then the Restore Script "restore_boot_animation.gm9" once you've updated Luma and you'll still have your boot animation.
    If you need further details read/follow the instructions below.

    1. Download & Unpack the .7z file below and Install/Copy the included scripts into the gm9 scripts folder in the root of your SD Card "SD:/gm9/scripts".
    2. Re-insert your SD card into your system and boot your system into Godmode9 (Default: Hold start while pressing the power button).
    3. Press the Homebutton once Godmode9 has loaded. Scroll down and select "More..." and press (A). Scroll down and select the "Scripts..." option.
    4. Select and and press (A) to run the Backup Script "backup_boot_animation.gm9" and follow the onscreen instructions.
    5. Reboot and run the luma updater, then shutdown and loadup Godmode9 again.
    6. Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 again.
    7. Select and and press (A) to run the Restore Script "restore_boot_animation.gm9" and follow the onscreen instructions.
    8. All done! If you did everything right your system should boot into the updated Luma with your default boot animation.

    Source Code Preview
    Source Code: backup_boot_animation.gm9
    Source Code: restore_boot_animation.gm9

    File name: BootAnimationTools[GM9_SCRIPT][DNA64].7z
    File size: 626 B
    SHA-256: a6024a1250ea65f71c0ab9750b49f376e914a4d8aefb0d944119d0010ae3caea
    Virus Total: #/file/a6024a1250ea65f71c0ab9750b49f376e914a4d8aefb0d944119d0010ae3caea/detection

    Questions? Comments?
    Leave a like or say thanks if this helped you, or you think it's useful. - Thx!

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    not bad, could be useful for people who have issues with simple renaming. (not a dis on your part ive met people like that).