[release] CafeLoader - Custom code loader for the Nintendo Wii U.

Discussion in 'Wii U - Homebrew' started by AboodXD, May 18, 2019.

  1. AboodXD

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    Oct 11, 2014
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    Not under a rock.
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  2. ChaosEternal

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    Jul 27, 2015
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    Nicely done! It's good to see that the Wii U is still getting some love even now.
  3. salmon01

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    Sep 15, 2017
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    This looks really good! I want to try it, but I am having trouble figuring out how to set up the files for the Project Compiler. The example didn’t help me understand much better, unfortunately.
    Say I have an address with the ASM I want to patch in (presumably via a bl on that address). What files do I put that information in? I think I can look through compiler.py for the specifics, but some general understanding of the file structure for this would be greatly appreciated.