Regarding EMM games on O3DS

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    Oct 19, 2016
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    So I'm running an O3ds, currently on 9.2, a9lh with Luma v6.2.1. I currently cannot play EMM games, such as SSB or SMM. I'm assuming I need to update both my firmware and Luma to the latest, 11.2 and 6.6 respectively. I have not changed my 3ds's region.

    First off, am I correct in assuming this will fix my problem?

    Secondly, I tried updating Luma by just copying the arm9loaderhax.bin file to my sd card. I booted into Luma to see if it worked (it did), then I booted normally. After trying to load SMM (to no avail) I powered down, but then I couldn't boot the 3DS again until I copied my old arm9loaderhax.bin file back to the sd card, overwriting the new one with Luma 6.6. What happened?

    Thanks ahead for any help.