Recover save date question

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    Sep 18, 2016
    My system was previously on 11.0.0-33E
    My SD got corrupted but a month before I made a backup "Luckily"...
    Now I was annoyed that I couldnt recover my games since I had no eshop acces without updating.

    After frustation about not wanting to update I just had that fuck it moment and updated.
    So I could download my games again.
    (I only own digital games)
    Now I noticed that this marverlous company called Nintendo doesn't save games on the network which I thought it would.
    So I got that lightbulb moment and though about the backup of the SD I had.

    Copied over the old date over new one but still when trying to play a game it doesnt show any savegames...

    How do I solve this?