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    Nov 8, 2019
    Hi guys,
    Unfortunately my Switch has broken. A few days ago, after 2/3hours of playing, both the controllers have lose connection, then I put the switch on the dock and the system goes on bootloop with error 2143-0811. No one of the troubleshooting helps me. Now the Switch is on the road to the repair center but I want to ask it back because I'm sure that they will propose me an expensive repair without save data recovery.
    I want to try to recover the savedata by myself. I've never install a CFW, the Switch was on factory conditions so I haven't a backup of NAND.

    Is it possible to backup NOW the NAND of the console and move it on the NAND of a new/used Switch? I saw that the eMMC is removable but swapping it seems to be too easy.

    Somewhere on the web I read that the error 2143-0811 is related to the Wireless chip (Broadcom BCM4356). I found it on various online shops. Do you think that a smd welder can help me replacing the module? Does anyone have experience on that?

    Thanks a lot.

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