Recommend some chinese music.

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    Jul 22, 2011
    i've noticed that i updated a false version of the song,i'm sorry.
    Don't download in this thread.

    that is my another account, but i can't use that account to add a reply or edit my soon as i add a reply ,it gets an error which says 'you must enter a post'and i don't know why .so i had to get a new account

    now, i will recommend three songs .on this occasion,i'll give the correct version.

    1 ??.
    this is song by Xusong.
    His chinese name:??
    His English name:Vae
    Download(the correcy version) Link
    by the way the correct version is better than the false version

    2 ???.
    this is song by Xuliang.
    His chinese name:??
    Download Link

    this is song by Xuliang .

    Download Link

    that's all my favorite songs. everyone can try it . [​IMG]

    if i find more good songs, i will share it in this thread.