Recent Startup issues and Apparent Restarts?

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by mikeyt1998, Dec 21, 2016.

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    So, I leave my PC Turned on at all times. 24/7 for as long as I've owned it, that's over a year now.

    Recently when I return home from work of an evening the PC is on the login screen rather than still being logged in. There's no automatic sign out/ lock set, only a blank screen saver so I'm assuming that the PC is restarting itself at some point when I'm no at home, as google chrome is always closed too when leave it minimised. It's Windows 10, by the way, the most updated as far as I'm aware.

    One of the times the Driver for my graphics card was stopped by windows on startup because it wasn't functioning properly apparently. I Disabled it and Enabled it again and my second screen sprung to life. It's not glitched like that since and it seems fine... But that's not the problem haha

    Even more recently (the past few days) the logon screen has presented me with an Application Error message when I return to it. Searching the exact quote from the message brings me no results as I expect there are a lot of places that memory addresses can fail but I'm no programmer so could be wrong.

    The first day it showed the error message the text box was just grey with no information at all, so I closed it and logged on like normal.

    Today I've come home and the box shows the information below about LoginUI.exe failing, but ignoring it and typing my password as normal before clicking OK signed me in just fine. I then pressed okay shown in the box.

    Everytime I login I hear the jingle indicating that something has been plugged into the USB port, when it hasn't. I don't know how to find out what that jingle means has been plugged in or activated but it'd be nice to know as it may be a contributor to this issue hahaha

    I'm not sure when the last OS Update was sorry, but any information on how to fix the restarting, or how to pinpoint what the noise is after logging in would be appreciated tremendously!

    Thanks guys :)

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    Could be any number of things failing, or even just ram came lose.
    Failures in the hard drive and loose RAM are the first things to look at, assuming you think the cooling is still working OK.
    SMART is not brilliant but can tell you something worth hearing so pick your chosen SMART reader and have a look. should be good if you need a suggestion.

    RAM is usually a matter of reseating it. I have had RAM sticks die before but it is very rare.

    The new hardware noise is possibly an indication of something -- many times I have had graphics cards, parts of motherboard controllers and more die out on me and then appear as new to the OS when it comes back. Any new hardware installs should be in the event viewer or whatever it is called these days, as might be some clue as to the error that caused it.

    As this is likely to have seen a bluescreen happen at some point you might want to try disable the reboot on error
    It might not tell you much but it is worth looking at.
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