Really? Really! DS - Make voiceovers louder?

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    Sep 14, 2009
    I would like to play Really? Really! DS, but since I don't know enough Japanese (particularly Kanji), I sorta need the voiceovers to help me out.
    The problem is, the voiceovers for this game are really weak. At max volume, I can barely hear the voices, but the opening song was so loud I took off my earphones in panic when it played.

    I read up a few DS ROM hacking guides aimed at sounds, but they don't seem to be applicable for my goal.
    Using Nitro Explorer 2, I extracted the sound.sdat file. Then I used the sdattool to extract its contents. Sadly, the sdat file only contains the BGMs and SEs, not the voices. Based on the filenames, at least. (i.e. wave_bgm.swar, wave_sePUZZLE.swar)
    Looking at the other files in the ROM, I found a file named vss.bin. It's the largest file in the ROM (130MB), so I think MAYBE that's where the voice data are stored?
    I read somewhere that .bin files are not "universal" (there is no one way of decoding them), so I'm kinda stuck. [​IMG]

    Is it possible to increase the volume of just the voice data? I hope someone with ROM hacking experience can provide some input.