Re-hacking on 4.3E after system update from a game disc.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Lemeshianos, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Hi everyone,
    I apologize if this has been answered on another topic, but I couldn't find a topic related to my question and I'm not quite sure what search terms to use to find it.

    I have used ModMii and hacked my Wii that was already on version 4.3E. This allowed me to play a couple of backups that I had from a HDD using neogamma loader(Mario Kart disc is scratched and not readable by the wii anymore).
    My homebrew channel was on version 1.1.0. I had also installed the new system menu and shop channel.
    Everything ok, until we used an original game disc of Just Dance 4. It required to perform a system update to be able to play. I wanted to check information on the channel but once I clicked it started the update.
    The update was completed, Just Dance 4 was playable. I checked and Homebrew Channel was not removed. I have entered HBC and was able to start Neogamma loader, but when I tried to load games from WBFS partition it hand on 24 retries left.

    From what I have read on other topics the update was requested probably because of the version of IOS249(or is it cIOS249?).
    My question is what WADs are required to be re-installed in order to be able to load the WBFS partition in Neogamma and to also be able to use the original disc of Just Dance 4 without requesting for an update?
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    you are correct...IOS249 version (and 250 if you had it installed, maybe even 254-bootmii IOS) prompted the disc update. you have effectively stubbed 249 and 250.

    i'm not at all familiar with neogamma, but i would imagine it is d2x compatible.... you can use modmii to download 249[56]-d2x-v8 and 250[57]-d2x-v8. install those and priiloader, then enable the 'block disc updates' hack in priiloader to prevent future update prompts.

    ...might want to run the hacmkmii installer and reinstall bootmii just to be safe....especially if you do not have bootmii/boot2.
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