RakuRaku Patch Not Working on my computer

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    1- Download the clean ROM, extract.
    2- Download the patch program (http://www.mediafire.com/?g0otw2nyw2m), extract.
    3- Open the patch program (RRPATCH)
    4- Open the clean ROM.
    5- Copy/paste the code below.
    6- Click RUN, wait and then click OK.
    7- Use the .nds file, not the .nds.bak.
    8- Works for me (White, Akaio)
    (Borrowed from Comedor of Romulation)

    The Patch you get from mediiafire in that link (RRpatch) Is not working on my computer. I click on the program, it shows the loading sign then just doesnt open. Plz i'm using wood r4 and everyone's saying this patch fixes exp problem. BUT THE PROGRAM WONT LOaD! Help me!