R4i gold RTS feature not working

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    I been playing legend of Zelda phantom hour glass? (First time playing this)
    First I was playing on an r4 dual core 2013 but on a Ds lite and then changed to a 3ds and couldn't play because it wouldn't recognize the card so I added the game and save file to an r4i gold and since I keep dying (go figure...) xD
    I thought the real time save might come in handy BUT it isn't working out!

    I have enabled it and set the hot key to a + b + touch
    When I do that on the game I get the menu to save .. (Etc) I press save and it freezes. It makes a beep noise and nothing else. It does this with all the games I have (around 5)

    I remember this would happened on an rts lite 2013 too /:

    Ugh why am I not playing on a dstwo? Anyhow I just want to be able to fix this for future reference !
    Any help would be appreciated. Yes I like to write a lot hehe
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    The M3i Zero is a dead card and not suggested anymore compared the R4i Gold which if it uses Wood R4 is updated regularly is high recommended.
    As well I always suggest checking out nds-card.com, GBAtemp's official Sponsor for flashcards.

    As for the problem on this page, it sounds like a formatting problem, back up your card and reformat with this
    using these settings
    FORMAT TYPE : FULL (OverWrite)