R4i Gold? (r4ids.cn)

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  1. Letrikov

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    Jun 29, 2013
    I decided to finally get a flashcart, but aren't sure which one
    I've heard of R4i Gold being supported actively, do not care about GBA games so no DSTWO

    I use DSi 1.4.4 and a DS Lite

    I want to be able to:

    play games (obviously)
    use AR cheats
    play ROM hacks (i.e. pokemon blaze black, volt white)
    run homebrew
    connect to wifi, ds download play

    also, I don't understand these:
    YSMenu, Wood R4, DLDI

    can someone explain the above please

    Is this a good card and safe?
    R4i GOLD 3DS RTS for Nintendo 3DS、R4I GOLD,Nintendo,3DS --nds-card.com
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    The DSTwo is more than just GBA games, it has real-time cheats and such, slow-motion, etc. It's also the only cart that still works that has not needed to put out a new model to run on the 3DS... but that doesn't matter much on the now-dead DSi.

    You don't need YSmenu or to DLDI stuff anymore on that cart, Wood is just the name of the software you put on your MicroSD, and yes that looks like the right one.