R4i Flash Writer force install older version?

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    Aug 9, 2014
    long story short, I got this clone from http://www.r4isdhc.hk/download_white_new/ (it was a gift, don't ask)
    I used http://www.r4i3d.com/download/fwUpdate_V5.06.rar and I managed to make it work on my sister DSi on 1.4.5, but I was so eager to test it what I could do, that I used http://www.r4isdhc.hk/download_2014/3DSV7.0.0-13 upgarde firmware.rar and now all I get is a white screen when launching games

    but you don't need to know any of that, actually...

    what I need here is a way to used the Flash Writer I used before to downgrade the card to the previous state, I can still run the updater file, but it says I got a newer version and it's not needed, but I'll say it again: it goes white screen when launching anything! is there a way to forcefully install it? like a secret key combo or something? or can I edit the update file to trick the cart to think that's a new version? (that's easy to do for me, but I got no tools that works on this kind of homebrew)