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    Oct 21, 2016
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    lost in ARM9
    To be exact this thread is a thread for me to ask and answer basic questions (though my questions will mostly be out of basic 90% of the time) about 3DS Homebrew/CFW/Fixes.

    TO BEGIN, let me make some things clear. As stated by many, many, many, many, many people, IF YOU USE A9LH (that's arm9loaderhax, people), YOU ARE SAFE TO UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE (only with CFW's, but who just installs A9LH without a custom firmware?). A lot of people have also switched from MenuHax to A9LH, and it's just as easy to install using 3ds.guide.

    To also begin, if you plan on using Windows to develop 3ds homebrew or A9LH, stop right there, and go install a Linux distro and VirtualBox. It will save you many headaches with compiling and related (not to mention the wget command is really cool and useful).

    I created this thread because I need to be able to ask any question without having to wait 24 hours to make a new thread, and so I stop making so many *censored* threads.

    Edit: The 2DS has almost the same hardware as the O3DS.
    Here's some random threads looming around gbatemp: panties raider's faq 1 & 2, cearp's post about legit .cia's,
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