Quick Question About Image Importing In Tinke

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    So... I'm delving into the world of ROM hacking at the moment. Originally i was using GuardianSoul's guide to Rom Hacking, however i PM'd him and he said to use the program Tinke as it's much easier and basically does everything you need in ROM hacking!

    The program is great, easy enough to navigate etc

    But here's my problem.
    • I unpacked the Title_us..carc, found the .NCLR (Palette) and .NCGR (Graphic)
    • Saved the image as a .bmp
    • Opened the image in paint.NET
    • edited it to how I want it
    • Saved it as a bitmap 8bit
    • Imported the image
    • the image and the palette show as correct!
    Now here's the weird part... I save the ROM with the modified files imported but the game just crashes! When I open the ROM i saved, the image and palette show up as the originals :S what am I doing wrong here hahaha

    I tried pressing the 'pack' button to pack the .carc back together, but it doesn't seem to do anything, so I'm at a loss!

    Any help would be appreciated! (Running the latest version as shown on the googlecode page)
    Thanks guys!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    EDIT: With rev 153 which the owner stated was the most stable release, I can get the image to show up momentarily, The green at the bottom however comes over the top soon after because I can't seem to change the transparent colour... It says 'No Space In THe Palette Found'

    So i could get it working, but i can't set the transparency in the older rev! I can in the newest one, but the game instantly crashes when loaded :( :(