Quick announcement about The Plan/The Forever Game!

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    Hey all! It's been so long since I've been here, sorry about that! I know I tend to drift in and out a lot, but I've been pretty busy with my studies.

    Anyway, I've been reviewing my past efforts at telling the story of The Forever Game (good suggestion for a title swap by Gahars from what was previously The Plan), and I think I can get it down to a slower pace with a bit more detail this time.

    I'm also going to be borrowing a page from some of G.R.R. Martin's styles and using his split first-person narratives, such as the kind used in "Aces High: Inside Straight". It'll mostly center around one character, however.

    So with that being said, I'm redoing the first chapter of The Forever Game, for anyone who cares. =P

    Sorry for the wait! I'll try writing some tonight. Peace out!
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