1. Baoulettes

    OP Baoulettes The lonely man

    May 25, 2011
    After searching through internet and following forum some have already be answered but I prefere to have more than one person thoughs on it ^^

    So for now I own an OLD 3DS (the first one that been released) and I play it like 2 hours day ever since the release.
    (like all my pokemon game have 999h without any stand by, played street fighter like a crazy too zelda etc...)

    And I have several problems.

    1st after some years of use I had to change the Stick cause the things goes aways.
    2nd my upper screen have two line cause when you close the console it touch the screen.
    3rd several games suffer from ghost effect. (aka Zelda is the hardest to play in 3d...)
    4th my 4 direction pad no more have it's tiny white decal... (estetic ahah)
    5th some game suffer from lags when 3D on.
    6th L / R was cheap on my console all of sudden my L was almost unresponsive I had to manual repair it....
    7th in Homebrew side I heard PS1 emulator was running fine on 9.2.
    8th to install micro sd i heard we require to open to console.

    Now my question are :
    1 : Does the stick is a cheap one or as solid or more than old 3DS one ? (I think after years of intence use that normal it show sign of weakness ahah)

    2 : Does a New 3DS xl(or normal) still have that isn't with the lower screen that touch the upper when you close it ?

    3 : Please tell me that this issue is no more one ? I love playing in 3D mode, so does Zelda still have that ghost effect and we have to really in exact position to play it ?

    4 : That a silly question... the dpad have a decal or that painted on it ? so to know if with time it will be unicolor like I have eheh :D

    5 : here my biggest point, does pokemon still lag in battles? like if I do a battle with a Vulpix + rain vs kyogre primal it drop like 5-10 fps in 3d... does this is fixed with the extra power the console have or that still lag?

    6 : New 3ds use the same old L / R or that a better one cause seriously without using it much it easly break on my console and had to repair 3 friends consoles for the same reason...

    7 : Does it emulate FFVII fully with sound and no lag? (homebrew with kernel.)

    8 : To put a MicroSD does it use same screws than old 3ds plate to change battery?

    Thank you cause Im really undecided if I would buy a new 3D or stay on my old.
    This just depend on 5 & 7 but well other was in my head and needed to be cleared out. ^^
  2. bidiminished

    bidiminished Member

    Dec 20, 2015
    1. It feels cheap but reasonable for causal/light gamers. If your O3DS stylus is showing wear then you'll probably get the same with this one. Replacements should be cheap though.
    2. No, if you look at a picture, you will see that it has two circular bumps on the left and right of the camera, so the screens do not touch when closed.
    3. Don't know about Zelda, but in some games the 3D effect at max effect will show the two images separated a bit if you don't look at it right.
    6. The L and R buttons feel reasonably solid but the ZR and ZL buttons are too wobbly.
    8. I don't have an O3DS, but any phillips screwdriver should do. The screws have washers to stop you from taking them out completely. The backplate is annoying to remove; you can't just use your nails like you would on a samsung smartphone.

    Don't know 4,5,7, but the x and y button markings have poor visibility because of the dull colours.

    I think the O3DS has a better design mainly because the SD card slot is easier to access, and there is a wireless button.
  3. porko

    porko GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 5, 2008
    1 : same as far as i can tell
    2 : yes, but to a much lesser extent, put on a screen protector
    3 : 3d is improved greatly with head tracking
    4 : looks like a decal
    5 : still lags, maybe a little less?
    6 : the design is the same as the old xl, feels better than o3ds
    7 : don't know, i'm interested in this too
    8 : uses bigger screws, less finicky, of note is that the n3ds back cover pops off easily, but the n3dsxl back cover takes more effort because it wraps around and has heaps of clips

    logically speaking, the faster cpu should help with stuff like emulation, having not tried it myself though i can't say for certain.
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  4. NekoMichi

    NekoMichi Retro Collector

    Jun 4, 2015
    1. The Circle Pad feels almost identical to the old 3DS. Unfortunately the new 3DS hasn't been out long enough to assess its long-term durability.
    2. The lower screen bezel doesn't touch or leave marks on the upper screen when the console is closed.
    3. No ghosting, actually the Super-Stable 3D feature makes this much better. You can move your head around and not lose the 3D effect.
    4. There are lines printed on the D-pad, identical to the old 3DS.
    5. Under normal circumstances, gameplay performance in Pokémon should be the same as the old 3DS. HOWEVER if you use HANS to run the game at the higher CPU speed setting, it makes battles in 3D look a lot more smoother.
    6. The L/R buttons feel more solid than on old 3DS, but it's too early to tell.
    7. PSX emulation on 9.2 with dynarec (kernel hacks) runs a lot better than with .3dsx, it's close to full speed but not quite perfect. Here's a video showing a few games running on 9.2 (including FFVII):
    8. It uses small Phillips-head screwsthat are slightly larger than the ones on the old 3DS, though the same screwdriver should still work.
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