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    Ok so I've read the guides and stuff for burning games and I'm pretty sure I know most of it but I've heard some people talking about running programs on their iso's before they burn them like brickblocker and some other type of programs. So my question is like what all programs should I be running before I try to burn a game? I usually don't run anything on a game before I burn it and so far I've done alright. I have had a couple of games mess up on me, hotd 2&3 wouldn't play it just gave me a disc read error *I ran ios patcher and used the number that's on the compadibility list*, excite truck froze when I tried to load up the first tutorial, and battalion wars 2 just wouldn't load it went to a black screen and quit. Like I said though I've gotten several games to work like fire emblem, tatsunoko vs. capcom, and madworld. Should I be using some of these other programs or looking for new sources for my iso's or what? I'd appreciate any help
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    Use img burn its the best program for burning wii games i have burned many games.
    Due to lack of a chip they all run 3x speed, so movies will run slow and some game play
    However some frozen parts are due to bad iso's
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