Question: vWii and Wii U USB loader

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by aicjofs, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. aicjofs

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    New to the Wii U, haven't messed with a nintendo since original Wii hacks. I have searched for about an hour and can't seem to find the exact answer I am looking for. I like to research before I set to modding and I just can't find a clear answer.

    I have setup haxchi to launch HBL from Wii U menu. Used CFWbooter to boot a fw.img to run fsdumper to get a nand backup for what it's worth. I haven't even touched the vWii section yet.

    I have 4 Wii U games on disc, and 20 Wii games on disc. The 20 Wii games are already on an NTFS formatted drive and used on an old hacked Wii with cfg usb loader.

    It seems like the latest greatest way to use backed up Wii U games is now using WUP installer to USB drive, versus the older loadline method. It carries a slight bit more risk, but trumps with performance. From what I understand the USB drive will be formatted to the WiiU filesystem. The vWii USB loaders I haven't seen if there is NTFS support or if I will have to go back to WBFS or FAT32. What matters is clearly you can't have one USB drive for all of this.

    I want a set it and forget setup(if possible), not switching the drives around. Can you have the 2 drives plugged in at once? It sounds like it's similar to the old Wii where only one of the rear USB ports is available(although the other is available for power with a Y splitter.) Are the front USB ports available when a rear is plugged in? I think I also read a much older thread where the Wii U wants to format the USB vWii drive and clearing the MBR or GPT fixed that, is that still an issue?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. johan_1984

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    Jan 17, 2017

    I think you can have 2 HDDs plugged in your Wii U. Your wii NTFS HDD must be plugged in the upper rear USB port.
    Wii U system menu will always alert you that there is a no Wii U FS HDD plugged in and ask if you want to format it to Wii U Filesystem. Be careful. You can reduce risks of an unsolicited formating by enabling the data managment parental control in the Wii U settings. OR you can make your wii HDD non visible for your Wii U system, but your wii apps needs to be uStealth compatible. More info about uStealth :

    Personnaly, I chose the parental control workaround with parental control on. Messing with MBR is not sexy IMO.

    I think that NTFS is not the better option for your vWii drive, since NTFS is not supported by Nintendont (play Gamecube games).
    FAT32 is the way to go. It seems like the USB FAT32 drives could "soon" be exploitable from the Wii U system, more info here :
    So in theory you could have all your roms, wii games, gamecubes games, wii u games, on the same HDD :)

    I'm pretty new to the Wii U (bought mine 3 days ago but already runnin' Haxchi & softmodded vWii), hope I'm not telling you wrong information.
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