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    Hello, I've been learning Unity, programming with C#, and I'm feeling very confident with it.
    So, I'm about to animate my characters, you know, the player, enemies, items, etc.
    I sort of have the idea (just for testing purposes) and I was hoping for advice about this:

    So, in Unity, there's a nifty thing called "Aniimator" that makes the transitions between the actions of the characters. So, I have to program the transition between, let's say:
    "Stay-> Iddle -> Run -> Iddle -> Stay"

    Aaaaand... was wondering some things:

    ° In order to create a nice flow in my animations, I have to separate the animations in frames.
    How many frames do I have to create in order to make a transition?
    I've always heard things like: Games should be at 60fps, and that the human eye can't notice any difference past the "60fps limit". Does that means that, all my animations should, and HAVE to be exactly at 60fps?

    ° I'm familiar with animating characters/drawings. In drawing, it's been stated that, a second of animation should have 14-16 frames. So, I was wondering this:

    In order to make the following transition: "Stay_Iddle_Run_Iddle_Stay" I have to divide 60fps between 4. Which will result in 15fps.
    So, the transitions should end up like:

    ° Stay_Iddle = 15fps
    ° Iddle_Run = 15fps
    ° Run_Iddle = 15fps
    ° Iddle_Stay = 15fps
    60fps = Animation from static point to run to static state again.

    And was planning to make all my animations like this... you know, jumping, falling, sliding, etc. etc. etc.
    (Whilst things like collectible items, I'm planning to make them with a 30-25 fps limit)

    Would that means that, no matter what platform runs the software, it won't decrease the frame rate regardless the power of the hardware?
    Or, it'll make it work extra, in order to run each frame?

    Any help would be really appreciated. Remember: I'm learning yet, and I'm selftaught, so I hadn't have any approach with actual game developers.
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